We want to extend our condolences to the Veeneman family on the passing of Debra.  She had worked for us at the S&T Club for several years in many capacities; always giving her all and had a smile for everyone; we will miss her terribly.  In the accident that took her life, her sister Laurie was a passenger and suffered several injuries including breaking both legs.  Laurie has been the right hand for the past managers of the Club and as Shawn’s at present.  She will have many weeks of rehab ahead of her and we all wish her a speedy recovery.

Debra’s memorial service will be held at Rough River when Laurie is able to attend; probably in October.  We are accepting collections for the expenses incurred by both families at the Club and in the Office.  Gift basket raffles are also being organized in the Office.  If you or your business would like to contribute, call us.    

LG&E:  Not getting much of a response so I’ll suspend the subject for now.

LAND FOR SALE: As I’ve been telling you, not only do we have lots for sale, we are offering the peninsula opposite the Estates Marina and east of the S&T Club for sale.  This new section is named Cedar Pt. Estate.  It consists of just over 11 acres with a possibility of about 14 lakefront lots.   Improvements are underway; the surveying is complete and engineering plans for a road and utilities are in the hands of the State for approval.  The Board has voted to keep the zoning in R-1 (single family homes).  Other improvements coming, include water, sewer (already there except for about 400 ft.) and a road.  These will probably not be completed until winter awaiting State approval before work can begin.  If you are a builder/contractor or an investor, the Board will consider offers for the whole section before development is complete.  Currently we have preliminary drawings of the future site and lots in the Office.  State approval is required before we show a final drawing.  If you want to bid on a proposed platted lot, we are accepting bids on those as well.   When the highest bid reaches an amount the Board will take, that bidder will be given his/her choice of lots first.  Then a down payment will be accepted and the remainder will be due when all improvements to the area are complete; probably sometime in the Spring next year.  The remaining bidders will be given the opportunity to up their bids and continue top to bottom for the next lot and so on.  Offers can be made through the Office now.  Call me during normal business hours or tell the ladies your offer, name and phone #.  There could also be an auction in the springtime to facilitate sales.

DEBRIS:  There have been reports of cut limbs, leaves, grass etc. that are being taken across streets to vacant lots and dumped on a regular basis.  It’s not a localized problem; it happens all over.  This is totally unacceptable behavior.  This is what we have a burn pile for!  Doing this devalues the lots so when a prospective buyer looks at them, all they see is a dumping ground.   Do I really have to ask that you cease this behavior?  Do you want residents dumping on your lot; I doubt it.

FIRE PITS:  It’s getting cooler; starting to see folks sitting around the fire at night.  Allowing fire pits in DV could have been a risky move but I tried to see the logic that today, they are a common place thing around many homes.  Of course as careful as we all try to be and of course obeying all safety rules, some always stray outside the lines.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PIT UNATTENDED WITH FLAMES VISIBLE.  I know you have good intentions and feel “someone” will keep an eye on it…it only takes one to ruin it for us all.  A forest fire could destroy a lot of forest and private property as well as endanger lives.  Please monitor and control the flames, have a water source nearby.  The deeper the pit the better and if using a metal store bought one, use the screen to catch embers.  I do not think one down by the lake is a good idea because out of sight, out of mind.  I feel the Board agrees.  Encouraging young folks to have a bonfire where I’m sure alcohol is present, is not wise either.  A bonfire is “not a fire pit”.  Don’t ruin it for everyone else.  Let’s use our heads and keep this under control with a reasonable size fire pit close to the house and a water source.