We recently were informed of the passing of Wesley Pettit in March and the staff extends our Condolences to the family. Wesley and Elizabeth have lived on Pine Ridge in Pine Pt. since 2006.   We also send our condolences to the Skajem family on the passing of Mike.  He and Bonnie have lived on Prestwick in the Greens for many years.  He was a great friend to all of us golfers.  We will miss playing with him and chasing lost balls by his house that he would reel in with a fishing pole from his deck!  Rest easy friend. 


1.  WWTP:  Up and running; testing complete!  Still working out a few kinks in the electronics but that will diminish with more time and familiarity.  Teardown of the old plant and restoration of the landscape will begin around the 1st of May.

2.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS: There are two Board seats available for this year’s election.  Terry Mattingly and Stuart Pepper are running again; Harry Nelson is the 3rd candidate.   Statements from the candidates, ballots and the instructional voting letter will be in the mail by the 2nd week in May.  The winners will be announced at the Annual meeting Monday, June 12, 2017, 7pm at the S&T Club.

3.  SERVICES:  DELIVERY IS AND HAS BEEN AVAILABLE AT THE CLUB!  For those that didn’t know that; now you do.  That being said, we are not having a great response for this service. It’s costing us more to provide the driver than we are selling and/or certainly making on the sales.  If this doesn’t improve by the end of June, I’ll probably do away with it.  As with anything new that’s added by requests, it really should be supported to justify the expense.  There are a lot of great ideas that come in; some work out, some don’t. 

4. FIREWORKS:   Saturday July 1st.  Please make your donation now to this event. We couldn’t do this without the generous sponsors each year!

5.  POOL: Will open Saturday, May 27th;  Day Camp will start on May 22nd.  

6.  FISHING: Contrary to what some residents may think, there is no fishing allowed from the spillway down the creek to the railroad trestle.  The spillway and falls are way to treacherous and the rest is off limits, it’s private property.  Fish and Game will also give you a ticket if they catch you.  After the railroad trestle; you’re on your own, I can’t advise you about that.

7.  DOCKSThe inventory of docks and boats has been completed and there are quite a few discrepancies.  Unmarked boats and docks are still a problem and we’re now in the process of matching homes with docks/boats (and that’s quite a task).  The same is true of several dilapidated docks.  If your dock is falling apart with no markings and no boat, you have 30 days of this writing to call and tell me your fixing it or the dock will be removed. 

The lake is the Associations property; the Board sets the rules.  We as owners have the responsibility of keeping our lake looking good for all of us, our visitors and prospective buyers.  We are not going to tolerate a trashy, rundown appearance.  If you don’t like it or don’t support this effort, then Doe Valley Lake is not for you.